The Most Beautiful Settings for Screenshots in "Ghost of Tsushima"

  • Steven Jones
  • Jun 06, 2024
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The Most Beautiful Settings for Screenshots in "Ghost of Tsushima"

The critically acclaimed title, Ghost of Tsushima, has astonished gamers and photography enthusiasts, thanks to its photo mode feature. This function allows players to capture unforgettable moments and breathtaking scenery within the game. This article will explore some of the most beautiful in-game locations perfect for generating stunning screenshots on the mystical island of Tsushima.

Azure Pond - A Paradise in a Garden

The Azure Pond, located at the center of the Garden of the Gods, has a striking panorama that is undoubtedly screenshot-worthy. The mise-en-scène of the golden trees reflecting on the tranquil blue pond fringed by the autumn reds and oranges elucidates an exquisite moment of serenity and peace. To make the most of the photogenic setting, visit during sunrise or dusk as they add extra layers of subdued hues to the setting, making it more evocative.

Golden Forest - Embrace the Autumn Spirit

The striking Golden Forest is a visual treat to the eyes of its visitors. In autumn, the dense forest adorned with fiery red and warm yellow trees, often under a blanket of soft sunlight, creates a serene yet magical setting that will captivate and charm anyone with a love for photography. The dreamy path leading through the heart of the forest adds dynamism to any photo, making it effortlessly romantic.

The Lighthouse - Keeper of the Tsushima's Coastline

Ghost of Tsushima

Perched atop a cliff, the Lighthouse in Komatsu provides a panoramic view of the north Tsushima coastline. The vast azure waters of the sea merging with the white, foamy waves crashing against the rocky cliffs provide an alluring and dramatic contrast. The azure sky, the verdant cliff, and the rustic charm of the lighthouse make a perfect composition for epic, atmospheric, and unforgettable screenshots.

Yagata Forest - Eternal Springtime

The Yagata Forest is not just an ordinary woodland. It feels like stepping into an endless spring, where nature is forever blooming. The forest is a lush, verdant view worth cherishing. Tall green trees wave their leaves like welcoming arms, their rough bark adorned by vibrant emojis of nature. Interspersed between these dense green towers, the fragrant pink cherry blossoms add a contrasting color, their delicate petals fluttering in the light breeze.

At the heart of the forest, a quiet body of water rests, serene and still. This beautiful azure lake is the forest's life, located strategically like the precious jewel in a royal crown. It beautifully mirrors the earthy-green hues of the trees and the pastel-pink of cherry blossoms, creating a dreamy impressionist painting coming alive. A light rain shower on the lake occasionally paints a charming picture. The droplets create a symphony of ripples, the surrounding greenery whispering in the wind to this rare rhythm of nature.

Ghost of Tsushima

Capturing this picturesque beauty through the lens at a low angle against the rain and forest backdrop generates remarkable photographs. This untouched beauty of the still water body against the viridescent forest offers a delightful experience to both nature enthusiasts and photography lovers.

Forbidden Shrine - Vibrant and Mesmerizing

Unlike the tranquility of Yagata Forest, the Forbidden Shrine at the mountain's summit is a fascinating mix of grandeur and mystery. This shrine gives an impression of an ethereal land emerging from the pages of an epic saga. The shrine welcomes visitors through an intriguing array of vivid, saturated colors. It is almost as if a rainbow descended to land, unwilling to leave the earthly realm yet.

The shrine's structure gravitates towards traditional architecture, the red wooden structures standing out against the bleak winter terrain, a stark, dynamic contrast provided by the harmony of colors. The immaculate white snow gives this place a pure, celestial feel, wrapping the mountain and shrine with a peaceful blanket of quiet serenity.

Ghost of Tsushima

The panorama of the vibrant blues of the sky and the sea trade reflections at the horizon, creating a visual treat for the spectators. The pathway to the shrine is a journey itself. The mountain pathway is layered with untouched snow, a trail sculpted by nature herself. Paired with the tranquil, wide, and open sea, this setting paints an enchanting picture, beautifully conveying the solitude and tranquility of the shrine.

The timelessness of the structure combined with the breathtaking natural elements makes the Forbidden Shrine a perfect location for explorers, historians, and photographers. This mystical space stands isolated yet complete, a fable that speaks volumes through its silence. A visit to this shrine is an unmissable spiritual and cultural journey, adding vibrant strokes to one’s collection of travel experiences.


Ghost of Tsushima uniquely presents a vast assortment of beautiful sceneries, taking players on a visual journey into the picturesque landscapes of Tsushima Island. Its distinct locations, from the tranquil Blue Pond to the ever-spring Yagata Forest, are fascinating and offer a perfect canvas for players to unlock their in-game photography talent. With its unique photo mode feature, every frame can be a stunning photograph; every moment in the gaming experience can be a memory etched in a picture.

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