How to Achieve Flawless Runs in "Super Mario Odyssey"

  • Karen Milano
  • Jun 12, 2024
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How to Achieve Flawless Runs in "Super Mario Odyssey"

In this unmatched manual, we'll embark on an engaging deep-dive into the expansive and mesmerizing realm of "Super Mario Odyssey," a video game that has won significant praise and recognition in the 21st century. We'll unearth secrets, strategies, and tips to propel you toward flawlessness with each run of the game. Whether you're a novice, an amateur, or an experienced player seeking to push your boundaries, this comprehensive guide will reveal unexplored game paths and strategies and take your gaming experience to a new level.

Understanding the landscape of "Super Mario Odyssey"

"Super Mario Odyssey" is nothing short of a virtual gem in the gaming world. The exquisitely designed game world is richly detailed with puzzles, stages, and characters, each presenting unique challenges. Before taking on these challenges, it's crucial to get acquainted with every crevice, hidden path, and element of the world, from the sunny beaches of Seaside Kingdom to the chilling ice caps of the Snow Kingdom.

Therefore, we suggest you kick-start your adventure by exploring the terrains uninhibitedly before delving into serious gameplay. Familiarity with the landscape allows players to plan routes and sequences more efficiently, providing a head start in your quest for flawless runs.

Mastering Mario's moves

As protagonist Mario's handler, you must harness all his moves to perfection. Mario's core three movements - regular jump, triple jump, and back flip - must be on your fingertips. The key here is not just knowledge of these moves but also understanding when to use them. For instance, triple jumps are effective when tackling straight paths, while back flips can be used to gain height during jumps.


Additional skills like hat spinning and dive jumping add considerable weight to your gaming prowess. Repeated practice with these moves is recommended before trying them out on the levels.

Harvesting Power Moons effectively

Power Moons are critical tools in your arsenal, acting as gateway passes to new kingdoms in the game. While some are scattered, waiting for keen eyes to discover, others require conquering specially designed puzzles or defeating enemies. Efficient planning, focus, and a sense of adventure are key to harvesting more Power Moons.

Setting mini-targets, like collecting a particular number of moons within a defined timeline, can be a motivating factor during gameplay. Also, remember that some moons might become available only when all tasks in a certain area are finished, so keep an eye on hidden or uncharted areas during your adventure.

Tackling Boss battles with confidence

Boss battles are landmark moments in your journey through "Super Mario Odyssey ."Each boss requires a distinct strategy to conquer. Observation and planning play a major hand in these battles.

An effective tactic is to spend the first few tries studying the boss's pattern of attacks and defense. Remember, losing a life is unimportant as long as you learn the pattern. You should minimize mistakes in each subsequent run until you achieve the desired flawless victory.

Maximizing the Use of Coins for Game Enhancement in "Super Mario Odyssey"


In "Super Mario Odyssey," the coins you gather aren't just symbolic of your gaming success or simply a way to keep score – they are integral to your tactical advancement. Coins come in two types: the regular gold coins and the rarer purple coins, each offering its benefits and uses.

Gold coins, the most common form of currency in Super Mario Odyssey, are distributed generously throughout the kingdoms and can be acquired through various activities. You can gather them by tackling enemies, breaking certain blocks, or simply exploring the game's diversified terrains. The uses of these coins are widely varied, enhancing the possibilities of gameplay. You can use them to buy new outfits for Mario, enabling him to blend into different environments and unlock new areas or power-ups that enhance Mario's abilities, thereby extending the ease and reach of gameplay. Life-ups, signified by hearts, can also be purchased using gold coins, helping you endure difficult levels or challenging battles by increasing Mario's longevity.

Conversely, we have the more elusive, kingdom-specific purple coins. Each kingdom houses a limited number of these collectible resources. Though hunting for these coins might demand additional dedication and exploration, their rewards often justify the effort. They allow you to access special items that play into the character aesthetics of each kingdom, providing you with unique outfits or decorative stickers that can embellish Mario's ship, the "Odyssey," giving your game a personalized touch. These purchases not only add color and fun to the gameplay but also can reveal kingdom-specific secrets, enabling you to explore realms of the game that you might have missed otherwise.


Thus, coins in "Super Mario Odyssey" are more than shopping resources; they are gameplay modifiers that can make your adventure more immersive and enjoyable. They add layers to your strategic approach, allowing you to buy power-ups for harsh battles, unique costumes for extensive exploration, and life-ups for longevity. An effective coin strategy involves investing in enhancements that might seem trivial but can significantly shape your gaming experience. It's good to allocate coins to ease rough stages or elevate your game's aesthetic appeal, making each run a joyous ride.

And remember, while gathering coins along populist routes, do not forget to rummage through offbeat paths or hidden corners; in these obscure areas, you might find a surprisingly high bounty of gold and purple coins. The adventure of finding these elusive currencies often adds to the fun of your "Super Mario Odyssey" journey while giving significant boosts to your overall strategy.


Whether your goal is to complete a flawless run or enhance your casual play, this guide will be a trusted companion in your journey through “Super Mario Odyssey .”Mastering Mario’s moves, collecting Power Moons, effectively conquering boss battles, and wisely utilizing coins - these pillars will together raise your gameplay to new heights. Remember, the ultimate objective is to derive pleasure from this beautifully crafted gaming universe while continuously enhancing your gaming skills.

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