Emerging GTA Online Files Suggest Role-Play Features in Awaited GTA 6

  • Steven Jones
  • Aug 10, 2023
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Emerging GTA Online Files Suggest Role-Play Features in Awaited GTA 6

The gaming world is chock-full of anticipation and expectations for Grand Theft Auto 6, an AAA title that, while it hasn’t been formally announced by Rockstar Games, teases audiences worldwide with snippets of potential gameplay, location, and even character features. Speculations have been holding GTA fans worldwide in a nail-biting suspense, and they've recently received a possible clue about the ever-mysterious GTA VI. New files added to GTA Online have caught the attention of industry insiders, igniting discussions about their possible connection to the upcoming title, especially in reference to role-play features and world customization.

In a recent discussion on GTA Forums, an influential insider who goes by ‘Tez2’ threw light upon noteworthy similarities between the scripts in the Red Dead Redemption series. While there was hardly any information linking to these scripts in GTA 5’s single-player mode, the ambiance shifted with GTA Online, where files affiliated with creator tools signaled some intriguing prospects. Tez2 said, "The scripts may retain a level of resemblance much like the case here with RDR 1 & RDR2.” This could point towards a potential crossover of features in future GTA titles.

The main spotlight is on the unique “creator/UGC system” in these recently discovered files. These newly identified scripts seem to work more like "level editors." Their function ranges from determining the weaponry that an NPC possesses, establishing the atmospheres they emerge in, managing the conduct of security guards, and more. It’s no surprise that such enhancements could take the open-world experience of Grand Theft Auto to a whole new level. They could potentially assist in modifying the independent mode experience of GTA VI vastly.

An alluring prediction from Tez2 suggests a possible point of interest for Rockstar – the role-playing community. He put forth the premise that: "Both Rockstar and Take-Two have seen the potential of role-play and wouldn’t want to miss out on that if VI is to last a decade ahead." This is unarguably true, considering the remarkable popularity of GTA Role Play. It wouldn’t be farfetched for Rockstar to indulge more or even capitalize on these role-playing opportunities.

To wrap up the existing scenario, we’re left with promising hints and the exciting uncertainty that Rockstar is notorious for. Nothing can be confirmed for now, and hence we advise holding onto your appetites for GTA VI. Still, with the potential 2024 release date drawing closer, there's hope that we will soon unravel the perplexing mystery around the blockbuster franchise and lay our hands on an even more immersive and breathtaking experience that Grand Theft Auto VI promises to be.

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