Building and Managing Relationships in "Persona 5"

  • Karen Milano
  • Jun 05, 2024
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Building and Managing Relationships in "Persona 5"

Through Atlus's "Persona 5" dynamic world, players are given an immersive role-playing experience full of character development, budding relationships, and thought-provoking storylines. Central to the game's narrative advancement and character strengthening is an intricate system of building and managing relationships - a feature that profoundly influences the gameplay outcome. It endeavors to delve deep into the art of fostering relationships within "Persona 5". Revealing the best practices to engage in and make the most of every social interaction, our guide offers an essential blueprint for mastering this all-important gameplay element.

A Look at the Confidant System

"Persona 5" employs the "Confidant System," a mechanic designed to simulate real-world social interactions. Beyond the main storyline, players can engage with their fellow characters, build relationships, and unlock numerous perks and abilities. Each game character is associated with a specific Arcana, and leveling up these relationships amplifies the fusion results of Personas within the same Arcana. Furthermore, befriending characters also unveils additional abilities and game features, enriching the gameplay's overall dimensions.

Choosing the Right Responses

Every conversation in "Persona 5" presents the opportunity to strengthen or weaken player relationships. Thus, choosing the right responses becomes crucial. Responding in ways that resonate with a character's personality can help augment the Confidant rank, maximizing the benefits gleaned from that relationship. Our advice? Understand each character's backstory and personality to predict the best responses.

Time Management

Persona 5

As "Persona 5" operates on a segmented time scale, deciding when to interact with a character is a strategic aspect of relationship building. Each day is divided into morning, afternoon, and evening, during which players can engage in different activities - including spending time with Confidants. Plan wisely to optimize the development of multiple relationships simultaneously.

Mementos Requests

Completing Mementos requests allows you to deepen your bonds with certain characters. These requests form an integral part of multiple Confidant routes, and diligently completing them can considerably heighten the rate of social advancement for the involved characters.

Gift Giving

Presents are an effective way to increase a Confidant rank quickly, especially if the gift aligns with the recipient's interests. Whether a book, a token piece, or a stunning piece of jewelry - gifting the right item can double the points earned during a character hangout. A thoughtful picture of the character's choice will likely win a favorable review.

The Importance of the right Personas

Persona 5

Carrying a Persona that matches the Arcana of the character you're interacting with can boost the relationship’s pace. This resonance helps you make the most out of every interaction, thereby enhancing the chances of leveling up a relationship more rapidly.

Boosting Guts

In "Persona 5", several relationships require a certain level of Guts. Increasing this trait will provide access to relationships with characters you may have found too daunting before. Some surefire ways to boost Guts include taking on Big Bang Burger challenges or studying at the school library.

Bonus: Special Relationships

Players can utilize the advantages provided by the Confidant system to establish 'special relationships.' These romantic bonds, albeit optional, offer an added layer of immersion and player-character engagement.

The Gameplay-Halting Options

"Persona 5" employs an intricate time management system where your actions have tangible consequences. A component of this system that merits particular attention is the gameplay-halting options. While most choices marginally slow down the time, creating room to perform various actions, certain decisions lead to a complete halt in the gameplay. This occurs when the player opts to engage in activities designated as 'requiring time to pass.' Choosing such options causes a significant shift in the game's time scale, effectively eliminating any chance to participate in any other activity during that day's specific time segment. The impact of this shift is substantial and can affect a multitude of elements, including your interactions with other characters and overall progression within the game.

Persona 5

This is where the art of mindfulness and strategy sails into the picture. Given the dramatic impact of these gameplay-halting options, weighing out your priorities meticulously becomes crucial. When confronted with a decision to engage in an activity that 'requires time to pass,' evaluate its potential benefits vis-à-vis the cost of missing out on other opportunities. Perhaps the most critical question to probe upon would be - is this activity worth fortifying or perhaps risking a relationship?

Is that conversation with a Confidant likely to yield a level-up in your bond, or could that time be better spent enhancing your Guts or Knowledge at the diner or library? Are there pending Mementos requests that require attention? It's all about juggling your current responsibilities and goals within the constraints of the game's calendar.

Ultimately, the choices boil down to the specific gaming approach and the priority of individual players. Whether you decide to establish deeper relationships, grind for experience points, or explore the intriguing world of Mementos, always be aware of the value of your time in "Persona 5".


The relationship building in "Persona 5" is an intricately designed system that offers a unique blend of challenge and pleasure. Managing these relationships may seem daunting at first, but players who master the art of social interaction enjoy a more comprehensive and rewarding gaming experience. It’s a thrilling exercise in strategy, time management, and empathy, culminating in an experience that is much more than just 'playing a game.'

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