Best Car Upgrades in "Rocket League" for New Players

  • Steven Jones
  • Jun 13, 2024
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Best Car Upgrades in "Rocket League" for New Players

Every new player sailing through the exhilarating world of "Rocket League" soon realizes that mastering the game isn't all about juggling a ball with rocket-powered vehicles. It also entails the strategic optimization of your game by selecting the right car upgrades. These upgrades can significantly impact how well you perform in the game and give you an upper hand in competitive matches. In this piece, we'll delve into some top-notch vehicle enhancements new "Rocket League" enthusiasts should contemplate.

An Overview of "Rocket League"

Before delving into the details of the ideal car upgrades, let's review the point of this action-packed game. "Rocket League" blends soccer elements with a high-speed racing experience. Players control a custom car that can perform acrobatics and is equipped with rocket boosters. The game's objective is to score goals in the opponent's net, but it delivers a unique and intense gaming experience that is both fun and challenging.

The Influence of Car Upgrades

Rocket League

The choice of car upgrades in "Rocket League" offers a good deal of diversity. While they don’t alter the car’s speed, they influence factors like hitbox and turning radius, which make a difference in maneuvering cars effectively during competitive play. Thus, understanding the dynamics of these upgrades becomes crucial for enhancing your gaming prowess.

Top Car Upgrades for "Rocket League" Newbies

Here are some of the best car upgrades to consider:

1. Octane

Octane has been the staple pick for both the newbies and the pros in "Rocket League." Although it has an average hitbox, its rounded edges make it one of the most balanced cars in terms of size, power, and turning. The rounded design also makes it easier to dribble the ball and predict where it will land.

2. Dominus

Dominus is known for its large, flat hitbox. This makes it the perfect choice for those who want to improve their shooting and aerial abilities. Its rectangular shape makes it easier to aim and gain supershot power. Dominus also gives players a better view of the field, which can be beneficial during competitive play.

3. Breakout

Rocket League

Breakout is one of the fastest cars in "Rocket League" thanks to its sleek design and low profile. Its length gives it precision and power behind every shot, and its agile turning radius leads to more accurate directional changes. It's perfect for players who value speed and maneuverability.

4. Merc

The Merc has the highest height of any car in the game, giving it the best defensive hitbox. It can also block goals much more effectively than other vehicles. Its heavy weight makes it perfect for knocking around other cars and controlling the ball.

Wrapping up

The role of car upgrades in "Rocket League" cannot be overstated as they significantly impact the game’s outcome. It is, therefore, crucial for new players to understand the need for these enhancements. New players often focus solely on skill development, but being familiar with and effectively using car upgrades gives an added layer of strategy, allowing players to outperform their opponents in ways that transcend basic abilities.

Experimentation with different cars and upgrades is essential in this learning process. Every player has unique strengths and playstyle, which means some cars will be more suited to certain individuals than others. This experimentation phase allows players to discover their preferences, enabling them to make strategic decisions about car selection that align with their personal gameplay methods.

Rocket League

Specific upgrades such as Octane, Dominus, Breakout, or Merc have varying benefits, and the choice should be patterned after the player's playstyle. For instance, players with a defensive approach prefer the Merc for its high height and excellent defensive hitbox. At the same time, those who value speed and maneuverability align more with the Breakout.

Regardless of the upgrades chosen, it is critical to note that success in "Rocket League" is not solely determined by car enhancements. Other factors, such as developing your skills, mastering different strategies, and cultivating teamwork, play equally critical roles. Therefore, while focusing on car upgrades, players must also invest time and effort in these other aspects of the game.

Conclusively, armed with the insights provided in this guide, beginners can confidently navigate the dynamic and competitive world of "Rocket League." Confidence comes from knowledge, and this guide offers beginners – a clear path to understanding the importance and functionality of car upgrades. Remember, the key is not just about picking the best upgrade; it's about picking the right upgrade that aligns with your personal preferences to facilitate your rise in the "Rocket League" battlefield.

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