Instagram Continues to Entertain: New Engaging Features Lined Up

  • Karen Milano
  • Aug 29, 2023
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Instagram Continues to Entertain: New Engaging Features Lined Up

Instagram is always fun and engaging, thanks to its constant updates and interesting features. Now, Instagram aims to add another level of interaction to your user experience. Post experimentation, the much-loved social media platform has introduced a unique way for users to share selected comments from public posts or Reels to their Instagram stories. The feature is bound to create much excitement amongst the Instagram community.

So, how does this new feature work? It's simple and convenient. When you swipe left on a comment, there appears a new option allowing you to share the chosen comment as a story. This comment is converted into a new sticker type, which can be placed anywhere within your story frame. It's a feature similar to TikTok’s video comment replies option and YouTube’s Shorts comment replies option, both of which add to user interaction and engagement.

The goal here is to facilitate interesting conversations sparked by users' comments. This feature not only allows for highlighting interesting comments within new videos but is also an effective engagement driver in alignment with current usage trends. Just think about those fascinating discussions that could emerge from sharing a thought-provoking comment!

But wait, there is more! Instagram isn't stopping at just this. It's also experimenting with a unique star sign-based interactive sticker for those who love delving into horoscopes. This astrology sticker, when added to your post or Reel, will display a symbol and star title tied to your birth sign. The aim is to provide additional engagement opportunities.

To sum it up, Instagram’s new reply feature can be highly valuable, especially from a marketing perspective. It facilitates showcasing mentions of products on different posts, thus providing promotional value. Moreover, the horoscope feature ensures more interactions based on shared interests and curiosity about star signs. Thus, both features promise to enhance the Instagram experience as we know it, making it even more delightful and engaging. So, are you ready to explore these exciting new updates and engage more with your Instagram community?

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