Clubhouse Springs Back with a Messaging Twist

  • Karen Milano
  • Sep 08, 2023
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Clubhouse Springs Back with a Messaging Twist

If any of you recall, last year's social media superstar was an audio-first platform called Clubhouse. Having been the belle of the social media ball, there was a clamoring for invites like hotcakes. It seems Clubhouse is plotting a comeback with a new update, hoping to reignite its charm.

Featured in the updated Clubhouse is an element dubbed 'Chats.' Akin to a voicemail, friends can leave you voice messages to peruse at your own pace. The Clubhouse folks put it this way - "It’s like a Clubhouse room, but it takes place asynchronously, so you can drop by and chime in on your own time.” So, it's essentially an open voicemail system where you can host a group. Yes, this might be reminiscent of voice notes found in Messenger, Instagram Direct, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn, but Clubhouse promises it to be more social and simple.

What makes it more social, you ask? Clubhouse has enabled features that allow users to push to talk in response to a chat, listen at double speed, quickly skip to the next Chat, and navigate to individual friends' voices to chat privately. This implies more control over your conversations, making the chatting experience smoother and less intrusive. Additionally, you can limit who can join your chat space, showcasing a 'friends-only' or 'friends-of-friends' model to widen or narrow the circle.

Despite these updates rendering Clubhouse slightly different from its previous version, one may revel or recoil at these changes. However, it hardly constitutes a seismic shift that might draw users back to the platform en masse. Statistics show a considerable decline in the number of Clubhouse downloads from its heyday when it boasted around 10 million active users per week. It currently ranks #214 in the social media category on the App Store.

Clubhouse sits at a critical juncture now, trying to reinvent and reestablish itself in the social media landscape. While skepticism abounds regarding whether teleporting voicemails could revitalize the platform, let's not forget the niche Clubhouse carved out during its prime. The devoted users still find it extraordinarily useful, making for an interesting space to watch out for any potential resurgence. It might be safe to say the comeback is less about the number of users and more about how it keeps innovating to engage its stalwart fans. All one can say, for now, Clubhouse, is "Good Luck"!

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